Presenting online must be done cleanly and interestingly. Users have limited time and limited attention; therefore, information must get to the viewer strategically. Matt Goodwin suggests using PACES to achieve cleanliness to the viewers.



Taking the time to prepare content and presentation is going to reflect on your website. Users will be pleased to see structure and order of your content and this will help with readability. Planning is the most important element to remember.


“Audience acquisition, marketing, time zones, technology limitations, and generational awareness are important and develop pre and post-planning process.” Considering your audience will maximize your following and the views your website receives. To help audiences visit your site loyally, create engaging interactive exercises or contests for them to buzz about.


“Content is king.” The information you provide to your following is the whole reason they are there on your site in the first place. Presenting new information and displaying it through different channels will keep audiences engaged and returning.


To maximize engagement websites must refrain from text heavy content. You  must think like a person that comes to your site: what would you like to see on a site? What irritates you when you visit a site? What do you applaud? It is easy to be proud of your creation and to disregard how others will perceive your website’s content. Keeping the display interesting and interactive is important to engagement.


Your website should have a comment section that allows visitors to converse back and forth. Your website should also provide links to your other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Keeping this pages updated, keeping the up with the conversation on your website an your social media networks will keep customers talking and visiting those sites gaining awareness for you!


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