Video Mishaps

Video is very important to business today. Staying current and aiding your audience with visual appeal is incredibly important to maintain engagement. Unfortunately, there are 5 ways that if done will hinder the usefulness a video can have rather than help.

  1. Video is Too Long
  2. No Plan of Action
  3. Lack Relevant Content
  4. Alienate Their Audience
  5. Over Saturation


Video is Too Long

Time is precious to your audience. So, being aware of their limited time and getting information to them in a clean, concise and interesting manner is going to be well receipted.

No Plan of Action

“You have to be sure that your video fits into your social media marketing plan.” Again, producing content that isn’t relevant to your brand or to your marketing plan is a waste of your audience’s time. They’ll remember that.

Lack of Relevant Content

Keeping videos new and interesting will keep your audience’s watching. Informing them and keeping them up to date to your event or business will be sure to build your following and views.

Alienate Their Audience

Keeping videos universally appeasing is important. Including all types of audience is sure to get more people watching and interested!

Over Saturation

Limit the number or videos you produce. Spreading your social networking and platform choices out to different types of engagement will keep your campaign or plan interesting for viewers. Strictly posting videos will not do your project justice; there is such a thing as ‘too much of a good thing.’


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