A Wooly Campaign

Woolmark launched a huge social media campaign about wool just this last May. Their goals were to:

educate people who had not grown up with wool and were internet savvy users about the benefits and establish an emotional connection with the fibre.

They called their strategy proposal, “Feeling Connected By Wool.” In their plan, Woolmark set out to

  • Build a new website
  • Develop a Facebook community
  • Launch The Fashion by Feelings campaign

This campaign resulted in astounding measurements.

  • 120 Million Impressions
  • 1.1 Million Page Views
  • 18,000+ Entries
  • 8,000+ User Comments
  • 1,000 Positive Blogs
  • 200+ Written Articles
  • Almost 100,000 Links on Google

This Campaign is a true example of what social media can do for brand awareness and exposure. Diving into the social realm inevitably will prosper positive results. A little wool campaign boomed through their persistence and strategic planning. I have also learned that social media has helped with awareness and visibility for my Fete Art Therapy Event. Students and consumers in Woolmark’s case, are browsing these social media sites constantly; therefore, developing a strong presence across these platforms means grabbing all their eyes!


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