Maintaining One Voice

Keeping a Consistent Voice

Many times, there is more than one person helping to cover social media platforms. In this case, adopting one voice and ensuring that all social media updaters stick to it is important for clarity purposes and maintaining a consistent brand image across platforms.

Here are 3 quick tips on how to keep one voice across different networks:

  1. Personify Your Brand-draw up a plan and agree to a character profile and personality for your brand
  2. Document and Communicate-Decide the tone you would like your brand to portray and develop points and key strategies to develop your brands personality; make sure all memebers agree to this
  3. Keep and Open Dialogue with Your Team-Keep in check weekly with your team members to maintain consistency across the boards; if something is happening you don’t like or does not compliment your brand’s personality, bring it up and make changes

A strong team is imparative to a defined social media presence, let’s face it, it’s a large job! However, consistency is key. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube all need to be saying the same thing about your brand. Tone and personality, mission statements and objectives, schedules and future plans all need to be organized, developed and the same across all platforms. Otherwise, you lose the risk of confusing your audiences and losing them all together.




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