The Advantage of Being Mobile

Here are six mobile applications that will help optimize social media marketing:

  • Google Currents
  • Flipboard
  • Plume
  • Postling
  • Buffer App
  • Facebook

Google Currents allows users to see what is trending online as well as search for interesting  content and inspiration to post creatively on their social networks. This would help my social media campaign by offering art information or ideas to link to the project.

Flipboard is similar to Google Currents and serves as a content finder search engine.  You just choose the content you would like to search and then wade through the possibilities. Like Google Currents, this site would be helpful for my social media campaign to find interesting, no event related material to interest my target audience.

Plume is an app that allows its user to manage multiple Twitter accounts all at one time, in one place. This project is small enough that I only have to manage my personal  Twitter account and the organizations account. Plume may be nice in the future if there is ever a third or fourth account I have to manage.

“Postling is an ideal app that allows you to create content that you can post directly from the app to your blog…You don’t need to constantly switch from various social networks to remain active on them, including your blog(s).  Postling provides you one spot to access your social sites.” This app would help manage my blog right from my mobile phone while I’m updating Facebook and Twitter.

Buffer is a neatly organized app that allows its users to share articles, photos, videos and status updates to three different social networks. This app allows content to be consistent across at least three platforms. There is a scheduling ability on this app as well. I think Buffer is the least produced app of the six and I wouldn’t chose to employ this for my social media campaign.

Facebook is a obvious giveaway: a must have. Keeping it mobile and accessible on the go will help maintain your consistency and interaction while out and about. Plus, that is where ‘everything’ is happening, right there in your fingertips. I absolutely use Facebook as part of my social media campaign.


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