Felix and the Network[s]

Of course the world was watching–a man fell 24 miles to Earth. In an urgency to know whether Felix Baumgartner would fall to his death, to victory or to a combustion of flames, 7.3 million viewers tuned in for the event. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit exploded with coverage, links, comments, concerns, and excitement as the event drew near. YouTube obviously housed instant replays, conference coverage, and footage of preparation for the jump. Facebook on the other hand, shared pictures and asked for questions they promised Baumgartner would answer after the jump. It also raved with worried watchers, relieved audiences, likes and shares. Twitter–”during the jump and the moments after Baumgartner safely landed, half the worldwide trending topics on Twitter had something to do with the jump.” And Reddit, displayed two threads on their front page of the jump attracting all kinds of buzz. Needless to say, Red Bull is basking in LOTS of brand awareness and audiences are more or less enchanted rather than engaged.

Although, no one will be jumping to the Earth from a balloon to raise brand awareness for my event, this display of intensely active social networks proves that going out of the box and tying something out of the ordinary for your brand or event will absolutely gain the attention of your audiences. And those audiences are going to want to Tweet and rave on networks like Facebook about its weirdness, awesomeness or nerve-rackingness.


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