What’s Kodak?

Kodak is a company that made its living on photographs: the tangible ones we glue into photo albums. Although, its demise was a long time coming with the movement from film to digital, apps like Instagram do not make it any easier on the starving company.

Instagram, a phone app, makes the taking of, sharing of, liking of and commenting on pictures an easy-accessible-sixty-seconds process. Now, photos are developed seconds after they are snapped instead of after a role of film is filled or at the earliest convenience of printing pictures off your digital camera. It is as easy as 1-2-3-CHEESE and snap, load, share. Its easiness and availability has made it no surprise that Instagram is a pivotal marketing tool. Here’s how in five easy steps:

  1. Outline desired goals for a business or event & create a plan
  2. Link Instagram with other social networks to achieve consistency and raise awareness
  3. Make the content fun
  4. Give “behind the scenes” looks at your business or event
  5. Write captions for photos that leave the audience with a question or engaging cliffhanger

Instagram makes it much faster to release pictures to your desired audience; and because pictures are a much more engaging way to interact with your audience, it is detrimental to your business, brand, or event. It has helped my event by capturing my viewers and making sharing content much more convenient.


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