The Lens takes the Bird by 500K

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Poor Little Birdy: Instagram Beat Twitter in Mobile Users by: Jim Vacey Instagram Beats Twitter–What Does it Mean? by: Tony Quin


It is official:

Instagram has surpassed Twitter in mobile followers by 500,000. So what is the deal?

Recent studies have shown that, “Tweeting as opposed to Liking has always been a preference for most, but what made Twitter popular was the social media platform’s mobile accessibility.” Now that Facebook has purchased Instagram, they too have been thrust into the active and immediate mobile social networking ploy.

From the article Instagram beats Twitter–What Does it Mean?, Tony Quin writes:

A recent study in Psychological Science confirmed what we all know intuitively: people react emotionally to pictures, but analytically to text. Instagram is all pictures and Twitter, Twitter Cards excepted, is all text. It’s much easier to consume something emotionally than analytically. A picture can be consumed instantly; it’s meaning and relevance conceptually understood in a flash. Reading, on the other hand, is work and given the choice all the evidence suggests that people take the easier, more instantly, emotionally gratifying route.

One must argue however, that Twitter is not text heavy by any means. Its 140 character limit keeps words short, sweet and to the point. It forces users to condense; and often times the most clever or poetic will earn a multitude of likes and retweets. Although, half a million in six months is a major boom for Instagram, I think it is safe to assume Twitter has cemented itself a space in the Social Media realm. Twitter hasn’t lost its hype just as people have not lost a passion for words.

Photo by Toni Quin


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