The 10 That Fell

The 10 Best Social Media Campaigns that Didn’t Make the Cut

Article by: Jeff Bullas

Amidst the hype and buzz, the retweeting and sharing, the liking and commenting of the social media scene, there is a wayside where many fall and get left behind. However, just because these social media campaigns were forgotten, discredited or undermined, does not mean they were frivolous campaigns without any positive results. Here are ten examples of, for lack of a better word, weird, social media campaigns:

  1. Burger King: “Whooper Sacrifice”– “What do you love more, your friends or the whooper?” This campaign challenged its audience to unfriend 10 of their Facebook friends to get a free Whooper. It was said this “application terminated 234,000 friendships before Facebook pulled the plug.” This odd campaign created brand awareness for the venture and earned them mainstream media coverage.
  2. Target : “Bullseye Gives”– This social media campaign gave Facebook users a chance to vote for their choice of 10 charities that Target said it would donate to; “By the end of the campaign Target had donated nearly $800,000 and attracted 291,000 votes from 167,000 fans. Goal achieved! ….awareness raised for Target and  revealed its caring side.”
  3. Vitamin Water: “Create your own flavors”– This campaign allowed fans to create their own flavor of Vitamin Water, with a $5,000 incentive. This campaign earned brand awareness as well as TV and online ads.
  4. Smirnoff: “Tea Party” This video was a simple plot to gain the attention of its audiences. Watch the video. Enough said.
  5. The Batman Movie: “The Dark Knight” Why so serious?– this was a social media campaign designed to get their audiences playing this Dark Knight game to raise awareness for the up and coming movie premiere.
  6. QuikSilver: Dynamite Surfing This was a staged video with little relevancy. This was a fake and created sport, but they managed to earn themselves 35 million hits on YouTube, “a cult following  and urban myth notoriety with even “Myth Busters.”” Good for them!
  7. Cadbury: Gorilla– “This 90 second video featured a person in a Gorilla suit strumming a guitar before it directs viewers to Cadbury’s website. Cadbury’s increased sales of  7% in 2007-2008 has been attributed in part to this viral video.”
  8. BMW: “1 Series Graffiti Contest”– this social media campaign asked, “What drives you?” From this question, 9,000 drawings were entered and 500,000 votes were casted. Model cars were sent as prizes.
  9. Bing: “Farmville”– This social media campaign employed audiences to click on a Bing sponsored ad in exchange for “Farmville” cash for the Facebook app. “Bing attracted 425,000 Facebook fans (a 360% increase in one day) and 70% of those fans visited the Bing search engine in the following 30 days!”
  10. CareerBuilder: Mon-e-Mail– This campaign “allowed users to send personalized, primate themed e-cards for all occasions…it was that more than 100 million Monk-e-Mails have been sent since the campaign launch.”

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