Reel Them In

The 4-Step Social Media Content Strategy 

Article by: Paul Chaney

“Content is the currency of social.”

–Scott Monty

The 4-Steps to creating effective content are:

  • Content Focus
  • Content Type
  • Posting Frequency
  • Content Calendar

Content Focus identifies the topics to be covered and the tone in which it will be relayed.

  • Stimulate engagement; in educational, entertaining, inspirational or promotional ways.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and thought leadership; do research.
  • Stay consistent with the mission and culture of your business; maintain cover photos and profile pictures, make sure that it is your own.
  • 70/20/10 Rule: 

70 percent of content should focus on your customers’ interests and needs.

20 percent of content should be “OPC” — other people’s content.

10 percent of content should be promotional.

(from article)

Content Type come in an array of options and mediums: blogs, tweets, status updates, contests, quizzes, questionaries, info graphics, videos and photos. Content type should be selected based off of your mission and your audience’s goals and want from your company.

Posting Frequency should be consistent and deliberate. Posting during times when the internet is highly trafficked will help get content to your viewers.

A Content Calendar is a great way to stay organized and active. Social media sites allow scheduling which allows posting at times that you cannot be present at your computer. This allows engagement to occur and activity to prosper even in your absence!

Don’t forget: Engaging content is critical. It can:

  • Set you apart from your competition;
  • Help establish you as an expert, and a thought leader;
  • Keep your business top of mind with consumers;
  • Provide the leverage needed to keep your customers coming back time after time. (from article)

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