For Business or Following Lady Gaga

WannaBeeSocial is a revolutionary “search engine optimization company.” It is their jobs to establish business with a relevant social media presence across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channels, and DIGG for a few. When employed WannaBeeSocial will:

  • Define what social media platforms will best suit your company or brand
  • Create a plan to achieve a prevalent social media presence across the board
  • Create a visibility and accessibility to your company through the use of “Keywords”
  • They will listen to gain feedback and alter any changes they and you deem fit

Join the HIVE and become a BEE.

Their video, I guess Social Media is Not a fad, identifies the two powerhouse social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, as the leading platforms to have an established presence in. Here are the basics they provided for Facebook:

  1. It is the LARGEST social media site–with roughly 1 Billion users worldwide, about 1 in 8 people are on Facebook
  2. Facebook is a “graphical platform”–we are a visual generation, we thrive on video and photo sharing and the ‘seeing’ and ‘doing’; Facebook makes it very easy for users to share visual content
  3. Facebook allows dialogue between brands and its users–with the ability to like and share content it creates engaging conversation between company and client

Twitter, a microblogging site, differs from Facebook and its basics; here’s how:

  1. Characters are limited–Twitter only allows room for 140 characters; this means content must be deliberate and precise and that brand promotion and visibility is limited on this platform
  2. It is fast, it creates the BUZZ–Twitter is a great news source and gossip source, it allows for news to trend and spread rapidly through its channels in a raw state often before it has hit even the news
  3. We are a ‘grab and go’ generation–it is only expected that we “tweet on the road” and “read and tweet;” it is a convenient and quick platform that is what this generation with its social networking expectations are accustomed to


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