Facebook for the Win

Article posted by: Morgan J. Arnold on SocialMediaToday

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The Larger Picture–

“Engagement – Likes, Comments and other forms of Fan interaction –  is just as important as audience size.”

Creating a fan base and building it is vital to the promotion of companies and brands. However, once established, “buzz” is essential to the longevity and sustainability for a company or brand. The shares, the commenting, the liking, the replying that fans are doing is more important than the number of fans. Actually, the hype and the activity fans engage in will certainly increase a fan base on its own. But, the company or brand must be in conversation with their buzzing audience to prosper.

Top 10 Must Successful Brands on Facebook:

  1. Facebook–as the #1 social media sight on the web, they are obviously most successful at their own game. To maintain their powerhouse stature they have effectively engaged and fancied their fans.
  2. Disney–38 million followers and their posts “average a stunning 115,792 Likes.”
  3. YouTube–they have harnessed their audience and buzz; generating a conversational site through video-sharing and commenting.
  4. Coca-Cola–52 million fans
  5. MTV–has transformed their Facebook into an online source of celeb gossip and targets a specific crowd interested in the music culture.
  6. Walmart–has siezed their Facebook page as an opportunity to service its customers.
  7. Converse–with a primarily young target, Converse promotes its relationship with the music realm and offers perks to engaging their site.
  8. Red Bull–is still emerging and taking on its full potential as a large social media contender.
  9. Starbucks–offers “creative, feel-good posts” which capture and engage its audience.
  10. Oreo–almost 28 million fans and keeps a fun and entertianing vibe throughout their posts.

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