E-asy as 1, 2, 3

3 Cutting Edge Social Media Sites That Are Changing E-Commerce


Article by: Kate Endress

Three emerging online shopping sites changing the marriage of the web and E-Commerce

  1. Fancy is an online marketplace.It incorporates individualized shopping selection choices specific to shopping history (like Pandora select music according to like artists). It is an easy site to navigate, it is presented in a very clean and cool fashion and the photos of products are done well and sharply. 
  2. Lyst, “based on your preferences, [their] stylefeed keeps you up to date with the latest and greatest from your favorite designers, boutiques, bloggers, and stylists, all of whom you can elect to follow on the site.” Lyst links with Pinterest and focuses to inspire style options for their users who do not necessarily know what they are shopping for before entering the site. The site has been described as “dream-like.”
  3. Pose is different from Fancy and Lyst in that it is a mobile app. “The Bottom Line: If you ever desired to buy something you saw on Instagram or Pinterest, look no further.”

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