Presenting online must be done cleanly and interestingly. Users have limited time and limited attention; therefore, information must get to the viewer strategically. Matt Goodwin suggests using PACES to achieve cleanliness to the viewers.



Taking the time to prepare content and presentation is going to reflect on your website. Users will be pleased to see structure and order of your content and this will help with readability. Planning is the most important element to remember.


“Audience acquisition, marketing, time zones, technology limitations, and generational awareness are important and develop pre and post-planning process.” Considering your audience will maximize your following and the views your website receives. To help audiences visit your site loyally, create engaging interactive exercises or contests for them to buzz about.


“Content is king.” The information you provide to your following is the whole reason they are there on your site in the first place. Presenting new information and displaying it through different channels will keep audiences engaged and returning.


To maximize engagement websites must refrain from text heavy content. You  must think like a person that comes to your site: what would you like to see on a site? What irritates you when you visit a site? What do you applaud? It is easy to be proud of your creation and to disregard how others will perceive your website’s content. Keeping the display interesting and interactive is important to engagement.


Your website should have a comment section that allows visitors to converse back and forth. Your website should also provide links to your other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Keeping this pages updated, keeping the up with the conversation on your website an your social media networks will keep customers talking and visiting those sites gaining awareness for you!


Video Mishaps

Video is very important to business today. Staying current and aiding your audience with visual appeal is incredibly important to maintain engagement. Unfortunately, there are 5 ways that if done will hinder the usefulness a video can have rather than help.

  1. Video is Too Long
  2. No Plan of Action
  3. Lack Relevant Content
  4. Alienate Their Audience
  5. Over Saturation


Video is Too Long

Time is precious to your audience. So, being aware of their limited time and getting information to them in a clean, concise and interesting manner is going to be well receipted.

No Plan of Action

“You have to be sure that your video fits into your social media marketing plan.” Again, producing content that isn’t relevant to your brand or to your marketing plan is a waste of your audience’s time. They’ll remember that.

Lack of Relevant Content

Keeping videos new and interesting will keep your audience’s watching. Informing them and keeping them up to date to your event or business will be sure to build your following and views.

Alienate Their Audience

Keeping videos universally appeasing is important. Including all types of audience is sure to get more people watching and interested!

Over Saturation

Limit the number or videos you produce. Spreading your social networking and platform choices out to different types of engagement will keep your campaign or plan interesting for viewers. Strictly posting videos will not do your project justice; there is such a thing as ‘too much of a good thing.’

A Wooly Campaign

Woolmark launched a huge social media campaign about wool just this last May. Their goals were to:

educate people who had not grown up with wool and were internet savvy users about the benefits and establish an emotional connection with the fibre.

They called their strategy proposal, “Feeling Connected By Wool.” In their plan, Woolmark set out to

  • Build a new website
  • Develop a Facebook community
  • Launch The Fashion by Feelings campaign

This campaign resulted in astounding measurements.

  • 120 Million Impressions
  • 1.1 Million Page Views
  • 18,000+ Entries
  • 8,000+ User Comments
  • 1,000 Positive Blogs
  • 200+ Written Articles
  • Almost 100,000 Links on Google

This Campaign is a true example of what social media can do for brand awareness and exposure. Diving into the social realm inevitably will prosper positive results. A little wool campaign boomed through their persistence and strategic planning. I have also learned that social media has helped with awareness and visibility for my Fete Art Therapy Event. Students and consumers in Woolmark’s case, are browsing these social media sites constantly; therefore, developing a strong presence across these platforms means grabbing all their eyes!

Tis’ the Season

It’s that time of season again, and did you know, you can use it to your advantage for your brand?

In the present, social commerce already shows significant promise and growth potential; according to IBM, social sales increased almost 70% during back-to-school shopping over the summer.

Facebook Gifts and Facebook Collections is making turning the social network into a virtual shopping center. Users have been receptive and optimistic about the attributes. These new additions to Facebook documents the entire shopping process and posts it to the site; and new buttons such as WANT, COLLECT, LIKE and WISHLIST have all been added to the network.

Blogger Errol Apostolopoulos forecasts, “These new features from Facebook will increase interest and use of social marketing apps by brands, and help them engage with their fans and complete holiday sales within the newsfeed itself.” This will allow businesses to advertise on Facebook differently than they already can and this will provide brand visibility for their products just in time for the holiday rush!

Maintaining One Voice

Keeping a Consistent Voice

Many times, there is more than one person helping to cover social media platforms. In this case, adopting one voice and ensuring that all social media updaters stick to it is important for clarity purposes and maintaining a consistent brand image across platforms.

Here are 3 quick tips on how to keep one voice across different networks:

  1. Personify Your Brand-draw up a plan and agree to a character profile and personality for your brand
  2. Document and Communicate-Decide the tone you would like your brand to portray and develop points and key strategies to develop your brands personality; make sure all memebers agree to this
  3. Keep and Open Dialogue with Your Team-Keep in check weekly with your team members to maintain consistency across the boards; if something is happening you don’t like or does not compliment your brand’s personality, bring it up and make changes

A strong team is imparative to a defined social media presence, let’s face it, it’s a large job! However, consistency is key. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube all need to be saying the same thing about your brand. Tone and personality, mission statements and objectives, schedules and future plans all need to be organized, developed and the same across all platforms. Otherwise, you lose the risk of confusing your audiences and losing them all together.



Did You Say Viddy?

Viddy is an app available to anyone with a smartphone and it enables users to create a maximum 15-second long video. After the video is filmed its engagement option allows the video to be posted directly to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels. The 15-second maximum time limit is a very interesting feature. It promotes clear, concise content only. This feature has the audience in mind and is working to help the campaign to minimize the ability to become boring or repetitive.


5 Examples of How to Use Viddy:

  • Public Events
  • The Latest News
  • Advice and Tips
  • Backstage
  • Get a Witness

A 15-second video could help all five of these suggestions and could plunge your social media campaign forward. Visuals are much more important to viewers then text heavy Facebook posts or even 140 characters on Twitter. Being aware of your audience’s time and valuing it is sure to return postive feedback; keeping videos to a 15 second limit and saying all that you need to, will absoultely keep them engaged and render appreciative buzz.


Why Pinterest for Business?

6 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business:

  • Use Original Pictures to Drive Traffic
  • Pin Other People’s Content to Build a Wider Following
  • Create Catalogs to Bring in Sales
  • Host Competitions
  • Get Fans Involved to Help Spread the Word
  • Pin Offers








Pintrest is the most rapid growing platform in social media to date; businesses and events would be wise to jump on the bandwagon. Pinterest has helped me by adding another medium to post content to and by providing off brand content for me to repost to my viewers. Pinterest has been an outlet to progress brainstorming ideas for my event. Art is obviously very prevalent on the site and we have gotten all sorts of ideas from the site!